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Member use of ACBS logo

Members may use the ACBS logo on their personal websites to show that they are a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science.  They may only do this while they have a valid membership with ACBS.

HOWEVER, ACBS does not permit it to be used to imply an endorsement.  It must be very clear that its presence only indicates membership.

In English it could say "Member of the following associations:" or something similar and be among a list of other professional associations to which you belong.

Members may not say that they are endorsed by, or an affiliate of ACBS. This may also not be implied in any way (for example, by simply adding the logo with no explanatory text).

ACBS Chapters and SIGs have different permissions related to their use of the ACBS logo.

ACBS retains all ownership and copyright of the logo, in its original and derivitive forms. Members may not edit the ACBS logo in any way without written permission from ACBS. ACBS retains the right to revoke the logo's use by any member, for any reason, without cause. Members, Chapters, and SIGs do not have the authority to grant rights for the use of the logo or other ACBS intellectual property (including, but not limited to, content on this website, membership lists, etc.) to a 3rd party or other affiliate.

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