Italy Chapter Information

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ACT Italia: The Italian Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Affiliated 2009

Contact Information

Giovanni Miselli, Psy.D.
Piazza Vallisneri 2
Reggio Emilia 42100 (RE)

ACT Italia Website

Board of Directors

President: Giovanni Miselli

President-Elect: Giovanni Zucchi

Secretary/Treasurer: Francesca Scaglia

Massimo Ronchei
Paolo Moderato
Giovambattista Presti
Katia Manduchi
Katia Covati
Ilaria Balasini


The purpose of the organization shall be to foster the development of functional contextual cognitive and behavioral science and practice within Italy so as to alleviate human suffering and advance human well being. Specifically, the organization shall:

Description of Membership Members of the Association shall be persons who are interested in the advancement of functional contextual science and practice in Italy. The types of membership shall be professional, student, and affiliate.