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ACT Japan: The Japanese Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Affiliated 2010

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ACT Japan website: http://www.act-japan-acbs.jp/

Contact Information

Takashi Muto, Ph.D.
Doshisha University


The purpose of the organization shall be to foster the development of functional contextual cognitive and behavioral science and practice within Japan so as to alleviate human suffering and advance human well being.

Specifically, the organization shall:

  1. Serve as a scientific and professional reference group for those in Japan who identify themselves as scientists, students, or practitioners in disciplines which embrace the principles and practices of contextual behavioral science, or for the interested public.
  2. Promote research and scholarship in Japan focused on the development of a coherent and progressive science of human action that is more adequate to the challenges of the human condition that will.
  3. Identify and promote the development of useful basic principles, workable applied theories linked to these principles, effective applied technologies based on these theories, and successful means of training and disseminating these developments, guided by the best available scientific evidence; of effective prevention and intervention strategies.
  4. Promote the development of a view of science that values a dynamic, ongoing interaction between its basic and applied elements, and between practical application and empirical knowledge.
  5. Promote the development in Japan of a community of scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners who will work in a collegial, open, self-critical, non-discriminatory, and mutually supportive way that is effective in producing valued outcomes and in exploring the additional implications of this work, and that emphasizes open and low cost methods of connecting with this work so as to keep the focus on benefit to others.
  6. Advise political, legislative, and policy-making bodies with respect to matters pertaining to contextual behavioral science in Japan.
  7. Organize and sponsor forums, conferences, newsletters, journals, websites, list serves and other such activities for the accomplishment of the purposes of the organization.

Description of Membership

Members of the Association shall be persons who are interested in the advancement of functional contextual science and practice in Japan.