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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion World Conference Scholars

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is aiming to bring increased diversity to our annual conferences by providing funds for individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and who would not be able to attend an ACBS conference without this added financial support. Both trainees and professionals are eligible. Please note that this is a separate scholarship from the Developing Nations Fund.

We need your help! If you're able, please consider donating to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee Fund here. Every Dollar/Euro/Yen/Peso/Farthing helps!


To be eligible for these DEI World Conference Scholarships, applicants must complete an application detailing their motivations to attend the conference, as well as a plan for how to use the knowledge and resources gained at the conference in the pursuit of their careers.

The available scholarships include conference fee waivers. In addition, some of the scholarships may include a small amount of funding to assist with travel costs (this amount will likely change or vary by scholar). If your scholarship includes funds to off-set some of the cost of your travel, the ACBS staff will provide reimbursement of the awarded amount at the conference. The scholarship must be used in in the year awarded and can not be delayed to future years.

Priority will be given to applicants who come from a diverse background, who have not attended an ACBS World Conference before, who demonstrate financial need in order to be able to attend, and who live in countries near the region where the conference is taking place.

Scholarship recipients will be required to submit a written report of how they have utilized what they have learned or connections they have made during the ACBS conference within 6 months following the conference. (Please click on an Award Recipient's name to read their activity report.)

Apply here by February 1!

Submission Deadline: The deadline for submissions is February 1st by 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). No submissions will be allowed after the deadline. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified. Notifications of scholarship recipients will be made via email.

Award Recipients:

ACBS World Conference 2024, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sara Cristina Robayo Perez, Colombia

Ana Katarine Dos Santos Silva, Brazil

Raphaela Stürmer, Brazil


ACBS World Conference 2023 - Nicosia, Cyprus

Annie Chen, Georgia, USA - Unable to attend
Devin Guthrie, Texas, USA
Nickolas Harman, Ontario, Canada
Melody Sylvain, Abu Zaby, UAE

ACBS World Conference 2022 - San Francisco, USA

Ela Ari, Istanbul, Türkiye
Dottie Beck, California, USA
Luana Karina Pereira, Bahia, Brazil
Michael Robinson, California, USA
Steven Tran, California, USA

2021 Virtual World Conference

Bianca Augustine, Norfolk, VA, USA
Tanya Bankston, Eastpointe, MI, USA
Shatangela Gibbs, Southfield, MI, USA
William Hwang, Milwaukie, OR, USA
Deirdre James, Houston, TX, USA
Melody Sylvain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

ACBS World Conference 2020 ONLINE

Desmond Bull, Lanham, MD, USA
Sandi James, Malaysia
Fady Safwat, Egypt (planning to attend a future conference)
Nguyen Tran, Seattle, WA, USA

2019 ACBS World Conference 17 - Dublin, Ireland

          Laís Nicolodi, Brazil
          Taslim Tharani, United Kingdom
          Jan Topczewski, Poland

2018 ACBS World Conference 16 - Montréal, Canada

Gillian Grannum, Ephrata, PA
Margaret McLauchlan, Blenheim, ON, Canada - Unable to Attend
Emily Munoz, Corpus Christi, TX
Paola Ricardo, Parlin, NJ

2017 ACBS World Conference 15 - Seville, Spain

Gordon Nyabadeuardo, Kenya
Sara Chè Runga, New Zealand
Lea Stephany, France
Claire Turner, New Zealand

2016 ACBS World Conference 14 - Seattle, USA

Kip Williams, Oakland, CA
Molly Sullivan, Eugene, OR
Flor Mari Crisostomo, Bellevue, WA
Jamila Zuqayed, Riverside, CA

2015 ACBS World Conference 13 - Berlin, Germany

Eduardo Miguel Blasco, Spain
Farhadi Langroudi Khashayar, USA (originally of Iran)
Aurembiaix Llobera, Spain
Scharifi Parichehr, Germany 

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