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Texas Dissemination Activities 2018

Emily Munoz, Texas

Could you please tell us a little about you and your background?
My name is Emily Munoz and I am from Corpus Christi, TX! I’ve recently completed a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. I currently work for a non-profit organization that provides services to victims of intimate partner violence and I continue to be involved in research at TAMUCC. I hope to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in the near future.

How did you become interested in CBS?
I became interested in CBS after being exposed to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in a class. I found ACT really interesting, and a natural extension of my developing interest in behavioral approaches to psychological difficulties. I eventually joined a research lab that focused on social intimacy, as well as Functional Analytic Psychotherapy, which gave me the opportunity to learn more about CBS.

Could you tell us about your research and application interests?
I am interested in the application of CBS to the area of interpersonal violence, particularly sexual violence and dating/domestic violence.

Could you tell us about your experience at the World Conference this year?
I had a great experience at the World Conference! This was my first time attending and presenting at an international conference and I left feeling very inspired by the community, and the work that I was exposed to there.

Was there anything that stood out to you about the CBS community?
One thing that stood out to me about the CBS community was how supportive and friendly everyone was. I also really enjoyed the panel discussions on the #metoo movement and Women in CBS. I thought it was really great that the conference provided a space to discuss social issues and how these issues impact the work that we do.

What did you take back from your experience that has been helpful to you?
Something that I have taken with me from my experience at ACBS actually came from Dr. Lisa Coyne’s plenary talk. She encouraged the audience to accept the fear and uncertainty we often face as clinicians and scientists. I believe she said, “what if we stepped into the magnitude of the problem - into the uncertainty - into the vulnerability to see what is possible.” This was particularly impactful for me both personally and professionally, and it’s something that I think about often as I move forward in my career.

Do you have anything else that you would like to share with the community?
Thank you to the Diversity Committee for selecting me for this scholarship!

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