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Board of Directors - Member Communications

Member Communications

July 1, 2023

Dear ACBS Community,

‚ÄčAs my term as president commences, I notice a few conflicting emotions. I’m thrilled to step up to the helm of our ACBS vessel. At the same time, I see stormy and raising waters all around us: signs of global warming and its harrowing consequences are accelerating; intimidation, violence, and war increasingly masquerade as effective solutions to disputes; racism and discriminations of nearly infinite form continue to inflict tremendous pain; intergroup villainization blinds us to our common humanity; and signs of mental anguish abound.

Despite these stormy waters, I remain stubbornly hopeful. Hopeful that the members of ACBS will continue to meaningfully contribute nurturing solutions to these vexing challenges. Hopeful that with open hearts and minds we can find new opportunities. And hopeful that our community will support each other through the rough patches. It is not naive hope, but hope built on experience. The experience of watching our members address numerous challenges with ingenuity, compassion, and integrity over the 18 years of its existence.

And the experience of serving on the ACBS board of directors for the past year and the board of directors of the ACBS Foundation the three years prior. I am continually impressed with the passion and dedication that board members and ACBS staff display while grappling with multiple issues – always with the goal of bettering ACBS. Even though I cannot promise that we will reach new shores or that I can steer our ACBS vessel in a manner that we don’t feel the bumps, I am confident that together we will steady the course quickly and efficiently.

It is with this enthusiasm that I wish to thank you for your trust. More importantly, I want to thank everyone for creating and contributing to the special community called ACBS.

Hope to see you in Cyprus!

Andrew Gloster 

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