TWO WORKDAYS (English version)

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After the salute to the sun, the Monk lighted the incense bar, sat down in the lotus position and shut down his eyelids in searching of the inner emptyness that brings the power of the subtle cosmical energy. He inhaled... one, two, three, four... and exhaled the air out of his lungs, while trying to become one with the Absolute.

When the gong vibration put an end to his meditation, the Monk, slowly, very slowly, for not breaking the path of calm and fullness he was trying to build in himself, took the mala of a hundred and eight beads and began his mantra of six holy syllabes: “om mani padme hum” that seemed extend the vibrations from the gong inside himself.

At noon, he ate the rice with vegetables and devoted the afternoon to teach the young novices the path of calm that brings to the unity with the Absolute: to inhale... one, two, three, four... and to exhale, om, mani, padme, hum, one, two, three...

In the night, when the silence filled the whole monastery, the Monk beheld the starred sky and smelled the scent from the valley and he could not help a tear running down his cheek from his own feeling of emptyness. And he asked himself if this way would be the way of the true virtue he was searching for.

As soon as the alarm clock rang, the Woman got off the bed to get ready the orange juices and weak up the children. She made the breakfast and the sandwiches for the leisure time. The two olders would take the bus later but she had to take the little to the nursery in her car before go to her job.

She combed the little’s hair, looked for the girl’s sweater and reminded the eldest to buy the bread when coming back home.

One, two, three, kisses and the working day went already at full speed. She was quite happy in her job but she needed a promotion, so she had to prepare an examen, so, she would have to manage to get time for preparing it. She was worried with her daughter, the girl was getting worse in her studies so she would have to ask for an appoinement with the girl’s teacher... two, three, four

She took the opportunity of the break time, to buy some things she needed for the house, she phoned the dentist for the little one and she took note of some interesting cloth sales she saw in a shop window; the children need new trousers and a new pair of shoes for her will be wellcome... one, two, three...

In the afternoon, she looked through the children’s homework and after the supper talked with them about their little worries.

When the three children went to bed, the Woman looked at the starred sky through the window. Tomorrow would be another busy day, nevertheless, she felt happy: those busy days made her feel fully alive.