Rascal Grin of the Original Face

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I am a rascal grinning at myself in a mirror. (C. Jung, Red Book, p. 241)

Speaking dichotomously, there's form, there's essence, but (speaking non-dichotomously) there's no difference between these two sides of oneness: there is neither form nor essence.  Essence = substrate/consciousness.  Form = configuration/information/material manifestation.  Form is essence objectified.  Essence is subjectivity of a given form.  When essence sees itself in the mirror of reality (which is itself!) it sees a distortion: the Original Face of Consciousness meets the Rascal Grin of Mind-Form.

Of course, none of this is ultimately expressible: as I try to untangle what feels like an intuitive understanding of this dialectic, the word-forms grin at the very meaning-essence I am trying to lay out.  No biggie: mind is a leg, it itched for a stroll, so I took it out for a spin around the essence-block (which - as always - remains un-carved).

I only hope I broke a few thought-patterns and brought a few minds to a bit of a thought-stall.  Enjoy the confusion.  Rest in the pause.