Parent/Child Interaction - Disabilities & ACT Model

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Hi folks

I am seeking information and contact with those who have had some success developing community based programs using ACT for families who have a child who has an intllectual / learning disabilty and/or under the ASD spectrum. More specifically where the child is also involved, as funding is only provided to the "client" not the parent.  I have come across the research by Pahnke et al. (2014), Bogels et al. (2008) and Singh and Singer papers.  I am comfortable delivering community programs to Adults, while my remit is to develop a unique parent/child model (where I have less experience) where the child or teen has a disabilty (even less experience!) as specificed above.  It is a very exciting opportunity and project where I have been given a fair degree of freedom to develop something unique and effective that could be delivered nationally. I am working in Brisbane, Australia, so any local support welcomed.  Thank you Louise and Sacha who have already made contact.

Warmly, Margie Ireland

Mobile: + 61 418 734425