Learning ACT through the Matrix and New (free) Value a Day Course

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The recording of the March 31, 2010 Webinar titled
"Learning ACT through the Matrix"
is now available at [[http://www.payloadz.com/go/sip?id=1218104]].

This was a slightly more technical webinar in which I established the Matrix
and also talked about Relational Frame Theory, Functional Contextualism and
the Hexaflex. We talked a lot about the target of ACT: Psychological Flexibility


The Value A Day email course has been updated. It is now more consistent
with ACT by Numbers in that it starts with Values and then ranges to noticing
the difference between sensory and mental experiencing, and brings in the
concept of Obstacles that can limit moves toward values.
The course is now indefinite instead of just lasting 14 days.
This course is always free. Just go to [[http://www.ACTbyNumbers.com]] to sign up.


BTW: There is a webinar most Wednesdays at 4pm EST (USA)
Enroll at
The Fee is values-based and you pay AFTER you attend the webinar. The
recording of the webinar is FREE for those who attend the live webinar.


Revitalizing your practice with ACT.

I have a couple of openings for private ACT consulting. Just email
me at kevin@ACTbyNumbers.com for more information.


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Kevin L. Polk, Ph.D.