Importance of Value Based Living

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As I am currently in between my academic studies and getting ready for internship, I have began writing articles for a website under the domain Esteem Value. 

Here I am focusing on addressing common societal psychological dysfunction through ACT based approaches. I have especially been promoting the idea of value based living, as this is definitely my favorite part of the ACT model and I find my patients get most excited about the prospect of living a meaningful life through value based living.

When working in a substance abuse unit, I was introduced to the 12-step model. Now, I know what you may be thinking, no research to support it's efficacy. However, I would encourage the reading of The Wisdom to Know the Difference. When broken down to it's essentials, there are an incredible amount of similarities between the ACT model and the fundamental messages of the 12-step philosophy. Working with individuals who are successful in the 12-step community, you see the common saying (The next right thing, one day at a time, focus on this moment) to be very relevant to ACT. It's and interesting meeting of the minds, and in my opinion, the bridge is values!