Guidance please on studies

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Hi all

I am wondering if anybody can offer me guidance or advice on the following,
I am conducting a dissertation for my Msc in Psychology examining the effectiveness of ACT within an outpatient clinical population.
The participants are presenting various levels and types of mental health distress, in other words, it is non-diagnostic specific population.
The only criteria for group membership is that 1. they are experiencing difficult thoughts and emotions and 2. they are well enough to tolerate a group environment.
I have been looking through the studies and can not locate a study which uses ACT for a group with various types of clinical presentations, and I am wondering if anybody knows of any existing research which explores the effectiveness of ACT within an adult population with diverse presentations i.e. anxiety, personality issues, psychosis.

The other query I have is, are there any existing studies which are process outcome research, as in what are the processes within this therapy which bring about change?
I would be really grateful if anybody who is familiar such studies could direct me to them

I look forward to hearing back from you,

Thank you in advance