ACT in New England #11: October 2009

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ACT in New England List
Mailing #11: October 2009

1. Welcome
2. ACT Trainings in New England
3. ACT at ABCT in NYC
4. Online Survey on ACT Interests
5. Start planning for Reno!

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1. Welcome! This is the eleventh posting of the ACT in New England List (if you missed the previous postings, you can read them here). This e-newsletter is typically sent every two months give or take two months.

The primary purpose of this list is to inform New Englanders of upcoming ACT training opportunities in the area. A secondary purpose is to support the budding ACT community in New England. If you hear about any ACT training in or around New England, please let me know so I can get the info up on the site and out to the list ASAP. If you are having a training of your own, please let me know and I will help to create a listing for you.

2. ACT Trainings in New England.
Well, it was a busy spring and summer for ACT trainings in New England. Thanks to all of you who attended our trainings. It was nice to meet you. Elizabeth Kubik and I have one more short introductory training at the fall conference for the Maine Psychological Association this November:

• Nov 6. What is ACT? An Introduction to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. Presenters: Joel Guarna, PhD & Elizabeth Kubik, PhD. Maine Psychological Association Fall Conference, University of Maine, Augusta Campus. Level: Introductory. Visit the Maine Psychological Association website for details or click here for the conference brochure.

Except for the ABCT conference in NYC (see below), that’s it for 2009.

In January (2010), we have one workshop listed so far:

• Jan 16-17, 2010. Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Skill Building and Case Conceptualization. Presenter: Kelly G. Wilson, PhD. New York, NY.

Visit the ACT in New England page for additional information.

Remember, if you are developing an ACT training or know someone who is, please contact me to ensure that we announce it to the larger community. If you see a listing that I do not have posted, please draw it to my attention and do not assume I know about it!

3. ACT at ABCT in NYC.

The annual conference for the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT) will be held in New York City this year. Now, I know you clever types will notice that NYC is, in fact, not in New England. However, for those of you down south (i.e., Rhode Island and Connecticut), NYC is a heck of a lot more accessible than Burlington or Portland. So, I will routinely include trainings just outside New England for y’all.
There will be several ACT workshops and trainings at ABCT this year. This is a great opportunity to participate in ACT trainings and your best chance until next year's World Conference in Reno. There are also many other trainings, poster sessions, etc. on CBT, behavior medicine, health psych, and other areas, all worth attending. Below, I will only highlight the ACT workshops. See the online conference brochure for full details.
• Nov 19. Compassion and Acceptance: Learning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in the Context of the Therapeutic Relationship. A Clinical Intervention Training with Steven Hayes, PhD
• Nov 21. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Complex Clients. A workshop with Kirk Strosahl, PhD and Patricia B. Robinson, PhD
• Nov 21. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Anxiety Disorders. A workshop with John P. Forsyth, PhD
• Nov 21. Mindfulness for Two: An ACT Approach to Mindfulness in Psychotherapy. A Master Clinician Series with Kelly G. Wilson, PhD

4. Online Survey on ACT Interests. In order to bring you trainings that meet your interests and needs, I have thrown together an online survey. Please take 5 minutes and share some feedback about the sorts of ACT trainings you would like to attend. Click here for online survey.

5. Next ACT World Conference!

The next World Conference for ACT, RFT, and Contextual Behavioral Science will be held June 21-24, 2010 in Reno, NV. Start planning now

See you there!

Joel Guarna, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
25 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101
(207) 272-8500
Psychology Practice:
Professional Trainings:

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