4-Session Weight Loss Protocol based on the Matrix

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This is the text of an email response on the list serve. Sharon had asked for a possible weight loss protocol. I sent her this one based on the two discrimination tasks of the Matrix. 
To start, weight loss is a bit tricky. It tends to bring up a lot of "Away" moves (that's Matrix talk). I would title your protocol "Discovering Your  Healthy Weight" or something like that to frame things Toward values. 
Below is a rough outline of a protocol based on the Matrix.
Session one introduces the two discrimination tasks of the Matrix. Homework is noticing 5-senses experiencing of food and noticing Mental experiencing about food (thoughts, feelings, urges).
Note: As with all Matrix homework, the homework can be done or not done; simply notice doing or not doing the homework. 
Session two: Review the Matrix discrimination training, review what was noticed during the homework, and then define values and goals with a focus on the value Health and behaviors that move toward a healthy weight. Homework is noticing 5-senses and mental experiencing while doing or not doing the planned valued action. 
Session three: Review the Matrix, review the homework, and then do the Away side of the Matrix. You have the folks write suffering and solutions lists (unworkable change agenda), with an emphasis on eating and weight. Do the "Noticing Hooks and What you Do Next" routine and emphasize food and exercise hooks. Note that "What You Do Next" involves either Willingness to move toward values with the hook, or a move away tied to Unwillingness to have the hook. Homework is Noticing Hooks and What You Do Next (willing or unwilling). 
Session four: Do a "weight loss bus" of some sort. Homework is to notice who is driving your bus, where are you driving your bus, what passengers are showing up, and finally, what is your relationship with the passengers (e.g., enemies or old friends)?
You can then use the bus questions and hooks to frame any follow-ups you do. 
That's a basic 4-session Matrix Training protocol for weight loss. (You could reverse sessions two and three.)
I hope this helps.
Take Care,