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The understanding and managing adult ADHD programme: A qualitative evaluation of online psychoeducation with acceptance and commitment therapy for adults with ADHD (Pages 254-263)

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS)

Volume 29, July 2023, Pages 254-263


Christina Seery, Aisling Leonard-Curtin, Lauren Naismith, Nora King, Ken Kilbride, Margo Wrigley, Christine Boyd, Louise McHugh, Jessica Bramham


Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a new and emerging area that may be helpful for adults with ADHD in promoting psychological well-being. The Understanding and Managing Adult ADHD Programme (UMAAP) is an online intervention that combines psychoeducation with ACT. Forty-nine participants provided qualitative feedback on their experiences through open-ended questions in an online survey distributed after they completed UMAAP. Thematic analysis was used to develop four themes. ‘An epiphany of awareness’ and ‘accepting and affirming ADHD’ highlighted the intervention's outcomes and showed UMAAP appears to increase self-acceptance and understanding of ADHD. ‘Too much for an introductory programme’ suggested that UMAAP could be overwhelming for some participants, while ‘the nature of being an online intervention’ explored the costs and benefits of being conducted online. Overall, participants experienced psychoeducation with ACT as positively impacting their outlook of themselves and their relationship with their thoughts and behaviours. Findings also highlight elements that may need to be adapted to better suit adults with ADHD.

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