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Angelika von Sanden, Melbourne/Australia

I think I did my first ACT training at or around the time Russ Harris started to facilitate workshops in Melbourne. A few years ago.... ( 2005/6?)

Since then, I was and I am inspired by all the 'big names', world conferences, workshops, but also by my clients who start to ACT and continue to thrive - at least some do.

Others need more time, different metaphors, a change in perspective, including one from my side.

My work in private practice, as a therapist and a supervisor, is based on respect, learning and equality. I have a background in Social Work and a Master in Counselling. I speak German and English, using both languages free from professional jargon!

I am registered with PACFA as a clinical supervisor, (not a psychologist!), and so most suitable  for counselors/psychotherapists/coaches or for case consultations across all professions.

What I bring to my practice as a supervisor:

40 years of experience in a variety of settings, countries and with different challenges (in areas of Social Work and Counselling)

8 years of experience in supervison of groups and individuals (now offering only 1:1)

A strong interest in an open dialogue and in finding the best possible approach for the supervisee, including letting the supervisee be different and free to find their own style!

A committment to openness, honesty and sharing of knowledge and resources.

The framework of SHAPE, including the flexibility to use aspects of other frameworks, if suitable.

I offer ZOOM in suitable time zones and face to face in and around Melbourne.



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