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ACT for people with persistent pain - with Laura Rathbone BA BSc MSc

I am an Advanced Physiotherapist specailised in working with peopel experiencing on-going persistent pain.  I completed my MSc at Kings' College London, including a pain science module based upon the IASP curriculum for Physiotherapists. 

I have been using a coaching, mindfulness and ACT -based approach in my clinical practice for 8 years.

I completed an intense period of training under Prof Lance McCracken and the MDT at the Pain Unit, St Thomas' Hospital during my time in employment of 1 year.  There I worked closely under the supervision of the psychology team to develop my use of the framework integrated to my knowledge of the sicence of pain. 

I work exclusively with people experincing complex pain presentations, often with a co-morbidity of clinical depression, anxiety and PTSD. 

My clinical scope is primarily focused on living with pain and managing the distressing accompanying experiences. 

I teach ACT for non-psychologists and consul fort pain and rehabilitaton teams looking to integrate it into their clinical setting. 

I live near Amsterdam, the Netherlands and work via Zoom or face to face appointments.  I offer ACT supervision for clinicans specifically working with people that have persistent pain as well as coaching for clinicians looking to specialise in this area.

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