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ACBS Strategic Plan: current strategic planning priorities/initiatives

Strategic Planning Meeting

The ACBS Board strategic planning meeting was held and based off of ACBS member focus group data, and one on one interviews, a picture of the current state of the organization came into focus. The Board considered the arguments for what to keep and what to change within the organization.  While we have much to be proud of as a community, the Board felt that the following four areas are priorities for change, so that we better execute our mission.

While this is still in the early stages, we wanted to share the four main strategic imperatives that were developed as a part of this meeting.

1. Expanding and improving our digital presence - The goal is for an improved and expanded digital platform and increased professional and public awareness and to become industry leaders in our science and dissemination. Carmine DiChiara - Lead; Tiffany Rochester - Champion


2. Centering Science - Our goal is to make our support for science and research a more featured part of our work by doing more to support a robust worldwide research community within ACBS. Louise McHugh - Lead; Jonathan Bricker - Champion


3. Creating a culture of empowerment and productivity - The goal is to help to make our Board, Committees, and Components more efficient and productive with clear goals and tasks and frequent communication. Jessica Borushok - Lead; Laura Silberstein-Tirch - Champion


4. Building a culture of competency to support effective dissemination in ACBS - Our goal is to support the ACBS community in developing and refining the science guiding best practices in training, competency measurement, application and dissemination of CBS. Robyn Walser - Lead; Nanni Presti - Champion

(What are "Leads" and what are "Champions"? Leads are leading the team building a plan to reach ACBS's goals around one of the pillars.  Champions are providing strategic support and vision to the Leads in order to assist in the progress.)

Progress Update

  • Sept. 2019 - Leads complete online Project Management Training
  • Sept.-Oct. 2019 - Leads build core team
  • Oct. 2019 - Leads hold first meeting with core teams
  • Nov. 2019 - Outreach to Committees to collect relevant suggestions for the pillars
  • Dec. 2019 - Core teams submit sketch outlines of their primary projects
  • Jan. 2020 - Board members review the initial sketch outlines and provide feedback. Projects that most closely align with goals and with the best chance for success are selected for further development. All four teams are making good progress and moving forward with their work (adding a high level of detail to their initial sketches)
  • February-August 2020 - Teams further develop their projects to add the high level of detail needed for the implementation phase (delays due to COVID-19)
  • September-November 2020 - Teams submit final detailed plans for their primary projects
  • November 2020 - Board appoints new lead for the Digital Pillar
  • October-December 2020 - Board members review the detailed plans developed by each core team. Projects that most closely align with goals and with the best chance for success are selected to move forward
  • November 2020 - Creating a Culture of Empowerment and Productivity Pillar has their primary projects approved and move on to planning stage (creating processes, procedures, templates, etc.)
  • February 2021 - Centering Science Pillar is approved for 3 major projects and moves on to the planning stage
  • February 2021 - Board looks to recruit new lead for the Digital Pillar
  • April 2021 - Open call for Digital Pillar Lead.  The Centering Science Pillar opens the application for the Early Career Mentee Program
  • June 2021 - The Centering Science Pillar announces the CBS Superlab and the Contextual Behavioral Scientist-Practitioner Network at the 2021 Virtual Conference
  • September 2021 - The first CBS Superlab session is held
  • October 2021 - The Centering Science Pillar opens the application for the Interdisciplinary Science Capacity Building Seed Grant
  • December 2021 - The Competency Pillar discussed a priority list for their primary projects with the Board, and are moving on to writing up their research to-date and additional planning
  • August 2022 - The Inclusive Science Grant developed by the Centering Science Pillar opens as an additional ACBS Research Development Grant
  • October 2022 - The Competency and Dissemination Working Group (Competency Pillar) creates a webpage of information and member resources
  • February 2023 - The current and future Science Pillar projects will be managed under an ongoing Scientific Strategic Council (approved by the ACBS Board on February 1)
  • May 2023 - An open call was sent out to membership to gather volunteers for the Scientific Strategic Council
  • June 2023 - A new award opportunity for Chapters & SIGs was announced 
  • July 2023 - A chair and committee members for the Scientific Strategic Council were announced.  The Competency Pillar presented some of their findings at the ACBS World Conference.


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