ACBS Staff

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By unanimous decision the first ACBS Board asked Emily Neilan Rodrigues, M.A. to be the Executive Director of ACBS in July, 2006, and she happily accepted.

By default she had been acting in that capacity since 2004, when she performed the administrative duties involved in organizing the First ACT Summer Institute in Reno, Nevada.

Since then, she organized ACT SI II in Philadelphia, PA, in 2005; The Second World Conference on ACT, RFT, and Contextual Behavioral Science, in London, in 2006; ACT SI III in Houston, Texas; ACT SI IV in Chicago, in 2008; the ACBS World Conference III, in Enschede, Netherlands, 2009; the ACBS World Conference VIII, in Reno, Nevada, 2010; the ACBS World Conference IX, in Parma, Italy, 2011; the ACBS World Conference VX, in Washington, DC, 2012; the ACBS World Conference XI, in Sydney, Australia, 2013; the ACBS World Conference XII, in Minneapolis, MN 2014; the ACBS World Conference XIII, in Berlin, 2015; the ACBS World Conference XIV, in Seattle, WA, 2016; the ACBS World Conference XV, in Seville, Spain, 2017; the ACBS World Conference XVI, in Montreal, Canada, 2018; (all with the help of many, many wonderful volunteers, local practitioners, and faculty).

Emily earned her CAE credential (Certified Association Executive) in 2015.

In her role as Executive Director, Emily works with the ACBS Board and Committees to execute the mission of ACBS.

If you have an ACBS question you can contact Emily at acbs"@" (remove the quotation marks when emailing).