2019 World Conference - Dublin, Ireland - Audio Recordings

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Below you will find a variety of audio recorded symposia, workshops, and panel discussions that were presented at the ACBS World Conference 17 in Dublin, Ireland. To access abstracts and more information for each session, please view the full conference program.

12. Nurturing Our Roots: Reconnecting with Clinical Behavior Analysis as a Foundational Approach to Clinical Work: Clinical Behavior Analysis SIG Sponsored
Chair: Owen Rachal, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Emily K. Sandoz, Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Ciara McEnteggart, Ph.D., Ghent University
Evelyn Gould, Ph.D., McLean Hospital, Harvard University
William C. Follette, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno
Audio Length: 1:16:06

18. Using contextual behavioural science to predict and influence resilience in those with high negative affect
Chair: Nick Hulbert-Williams, University of Chester
Discussant: Lee Hulbert-Williams, University of Chester
Rosina Pendrous, University of Chester
Kevin D. Hochard, University of Chester
Audio Length: 1:16:06

27. Strengthening the empirical evidence base for RFT: A discussion about basic research topics in need of further evidence
Chair: Miguel Rodríguez Valverde, Ph.D., University of Jaén
Francisco Ruiz, Ph.D., Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz
Carmen Luciano, Ph.D., Universidad de Almería
Ian Stewart, Ph.D., National University of Ireland, Galway
Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Ph.D., Ghent University
Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
Audio Length: 1:36:59

31. Application of Modern Technology in Ambulatory Assessments in Clinical and Basic Research: ACTing with Technology SIG Sponsored
Chair: Andrew Gloster, Ph.D., University of Basel
Discussant: JoAnne Dahl, Uppsala University, Sweden
Jeanette Villanueva, University of Basel;
Victoria J. Firsching, University of Basel;
Pinelopi Konstantinou, University of Cyprus
Audio Length: 1:30:03

41. Toward an Effective and Relevant Science of Behavior
Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
(Introduced by: Sarah Cassidy, Ph.D., Maynooth University and Smithsfield Clinic) 
Audio Length: 1:01:56

58. How Contextual Behavioral Scientists Measure and Report About Behavior

Co-Chair: Karen Kate Kellum, Ph.D., University of Mississippi & Fit Learning
Co-Chair: Donny Newsome, Fit Learning
Kelly G. Wilson, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Emily K. Sandoz, Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Magnus Johansson, M.S., Oslo Metropolitan University
Audio Length: 1:28:37

74. A contextual approach to psychiatry: Momentary Assessment and Intervention

Inez Myin-Germeys, Ph.D., KU Leuven, Center for Contextual Psychiatry
(Introduced by: Robert Whelan, Ph.D., Trinity College Dublin)
Audio Length: 1:24:04

75. When Life is Lame: Navigating Adolescent Mental Health

Chair: Ashley Braezeale, Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Discussant: Louise Hayes, Ph.D., The University of Melbourne & Orygen Youth Mental Health
Lisa Coyne, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital
Cormac Ó Beaglaoich, Ph.D., National Institution for Science and Education (NISE) and University of Limerick
Mindy Chadwell, Ph.D., Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Peter Grau, M.S., Marquette University; Rogers Memorial Hospital
Audio Length: 1:27:45

86. Complex learning: How multiple environmental regularities jointly influence behavior

Jan De Houwer, Ph.D, Ghent University
Sean Hughes, Ph.D., Ghent University
(Introduced by: Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Ph.D., Ghent University) 
Audio Length: 1:23:50

89. ACT Interventions for Eating and Weight-Related Concerns

Chair: Jennifer L. Barney, M.S., Utah State University
Discussant: David Gillanders, Psy.D., University of Edinburgh
Dayna Lee-Baggley, Ph.D., Nova Scotia Health Authority, Dalhousie University
Michael E. Levin, Ph.D., Utah State University
Rhonda M. Merwin, Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center
Jason Lillis, Ph.D., Brown University Medical School
Audio Length: 1:32:14

107. From human to robot therapists: How the functions of ‘therapists’ have evolved in the context of ACT for cigarette smoking cessation: Washington State, USA Chapter Sponsored

Discussant: Michael Levin, Ph.D., Utah State University
Noreen Watson, Ph.D., Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center
Maria Karelka, Ph.D., University of Cyprus
Megan Kelly, Ph.D., Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital
Robert Whelan, Ph.D., Trinity College Dublin
Audio Length:  1:26:33

128. Adapting Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for people with intellectual/learning disabilities and their parents and carers

Chair: Freddy Jackson Brown, AWP NHS Trust, Bristol, UK
Discussant: Giovanni Miselli, Ph.D., BCBA, Instituto Ospedaliero Fondazione Sospiro Onlus (CR) Italy
Mark Oliver, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust
Natalie Bailey, Avon & Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust, Bristol, UK
Steve Noone, Northumbria University
Gina Skourti, Central and North West London (CNWL) NHS Trust
Audio Length: 1:33:13


131. Modern Arbitrarily Applicable Relational Responding based behavioural approaches to educational intervention and intellectual skill enhancement: Contributions from RFT and Precision Teaching

Chair: Evelyn Gould, Ph.D., McLean Hospital, Harvard University
Sarah Cassidy, Ph.D., Maynooth University, Ireland and Smithsfield Clinic
Bryan Roche, Ph.D., National University of Ireland Maynooth
Giovambattista Presti, Ph.D., MD, Kore University, Enna, Italy
Mark Dixon, Ph.D., Southern Illinois University
Tim Fuller, Ph.D., Fit Learning
Audio Length: 1:27:17  

145. Addressing common difficulties in ACTbased group treatment: Research and clinical innovations

Chair: Elena Ballantyne, Psy.D., C.Psych., St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton/McMaster University
Jorden Cummings, Ph.D., R.D.Psych., University of Saskatchewan
Graciela Rovner, Ph.D., Karolinska Institutet & ACT Institutet Sweden
Megan English, Ph.D., R.Psych., Eastern Health, Health Sciences Centre
Theresa A. Morgan, Ph.D., Rhode Island Hospital, Department of Psychiatry
Audio Length: 1:18:38