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The Second World Conference on ACT, RFT, and Contextual Behavioural Science

This event has concluded.  Please find information regarding the upcoming ACBS World Conference here.



This five-day conference (with two days of pre-conference intensive workshops) will provide a unique opportunity to learn about cutting-edge advances in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Relational Frame Theory (RFT), in addition to other third generation approaches in the behavioral and cognitive therapies. There will be a comprehensive scientific programme in these areas of contextual behavioural science, examining philosophical, theoretical, basic and applied issues. Students, practitioners, researchers, and policy makers will benefit from this conference and find it an excellent opportunity to learn from the very top people involved in the development and advancement of ACT, RFT, and contextual behavioral approaches.

The conference will have 9-11 tracks simultaneously for all five days. There will be approximately 30 invited addresses from internationally known clinical and research leaders. Some will be from outside the ACT / RFT community per se, such as Mark Williams, Lars-Goran Ost, Andy Christensen, and Adrian Wells, among others. Many of the leaders of the ACT / RFT community will also be giving invited addresses.

There will be nearly 100 symposia, panels, case conferences, and discussions on topics as wide ranging as ACT / RFT work itself, including by not limited to:

  • Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP)
  • Mindfulness
  • ACT for Anxiety and Stress
  • ACT for Epilepsy
  • Relational Frame Theory (RFT)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Prevention of Health Problems
  • RFT & Learning
  • ACT for Depression
  • Derived Relational Responding
  • Equivalence
  • Behavioral Analysis & Control
  • Cognitive Defusion
  • Values
  • ACT for Smoking Cessation & other Addiction
  • Acceptance
  • Emotions
  • Psychopathology
  • Stigma & Prejudice
  • ACT for Eating Disorders
  • ACT and Behavioral Medicine
  • ACT for Children
  • ACT for PTSD
  • Spirituality
  • Suicide
  • Verbal Behavior & Language
  • RFT & Clinical Work
  • ACT in Private Practice
  • ACT & FAP (Functional Analytic Psychotherapy)
  • DBT & ACT
  • Personality Disorders
  • Functional Contextualism
  • ACT/RFT for People with Challenging Needs

In addition to a full, multi-track scientific and clinical programme, a wide variety of half-day workshops will be presented at the conference by leading researchers and practitioners. These workshops are FREE to conference attendees, no additional sign up required. These workshops will be designed to help develop the practice and skills of novice, intermediate, and advanced clinical practitioners, educators, prevention specialists, and even basic scientists. Most of the workshops will focus on ACT, but a wide range of topics will be addressed, including:

Free Workshop Topics

  • Clinical situations from the perspective of RFT
  • ACT in medical settings
  • ACT with chronic pain and chronic illnesses
  • ACT in Groups
  • ACT for Depression
  • Using ACT to Combat Prejudice
  • ACT in Education
  • ACT and Therapist Boldness and Compassion
  • Behaviour Analysis for Clinicians: From basic principles to RFT
  • Using RFT to Train Generative Verbal Behavior
  • Implications of ACT & RFT for the Therapeutic Relationship
  • Approaches to self-destructive behavior
  • ACT for substance abuse
  • Functional Analytic Psychotherapy
  • The Nature of Mindfulness
  • Intro to RFT
  • Treating PTSD with ACT
  • Teaching and Learning ACT
  • Using ACT with Epilepsy
  • ACT for Sexual Problems
  • ACT and DBT
  • Integrative Behaviour Couples Therapy
  • ACT in the treatment of psychosis/serious mental illness
  • Case Conceptualization in ACT
  • Using the Supported Role-play Method in ACT Training
  • Using ACT with chronically suicidal patients
  • Using ACT as a brief intervention model
  • Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

Venue: Institute of Education, University of London
The Institute is located in the grand, eighteenth-century Bloomsbury neighbourhood of central London, within close walking distance to museums, galleries, theatres, shops, parks, and a wide-array of famous, second-hand bookshops. The nearby University of London Student Union offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities, including a large swimming pool.


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