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Worksite stress interventions II: Brief ACT-enhanced MBI for hospital ward staff

This course was designed for frontline hospital staff who were unable to attend a standard 8-week course in working hours, because of workload/staffing pressures. The course was delivered as 8 half-hour sessions WITHIN the hospital ward, in a quiet room, whilst their colleagues willingly covering their duties. The approach is based on MBCT, ACT and a self compassion exercise (made by combining ACT metaphor with an exercise provided by Choden and Paul Gilbert).

1 page Summary course overview is given in poster format below

Materials for the 8-week course, are supplied, organised by week. (Plus Week 0, which was the taster session). Includes all course materials, scripts, teacher timetables (we needed detailed timings because each session was only half an hour long, and we kept to these timings so that clinical work was not affected); we've also included a few reflections on how sessions went and how we'd do it differently next time, and equipment checklists. Mp3s for raisin and chocolate meditations are provided, and the other audio tracks are available with the course handbook (Peace in a Frantic World, Mark Williams and Danny Penman).

Measures: Another time, we would probably use different pre and post measures (these were selected based on local factors), e.g. GHQ12; the written qualitative questions yielded a lot of useful information; also staff were keen to express their thoughts in a facilitated meeting with the Senior HR manager Antony who championed the pilot.

Please feel free to use and adapt

Margo Campbell (ACBS member), Richard Hawkins, Antony Cobley (not ACBS members)

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