WC11 Program Committee

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Here are the folks who have been working diligently all year long to make WC11 a success:

Louise Hayes, Ph.D., Orygen Youth Health Research Centre and Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne – Chair

Paul Atkins, Ph.D., Australian National University

Sonja V. Batten, Ph.D., Office of Mental Health Services, VA Central Office

Linda Bilich, Ph.D., Australian National University, Canberra ACT

Joseph Ciarrochi, Ph.D., University of Western Sydney

Rachel Collis, Queensland University of Technology

Aisling Curtin, MSc, ACT Now Ireland

Russ Harris, M.D., Private Practice, Melbourne

Andreas Larsson, MSc, Swansea University

Jason Luoma, Ph.D., Portland Psychotherapy

Louise McHugh, Ph.D., University College Dublin

Nanni Presti, Ph.D., IULM University Milan, IESCUM Italy

Rob Purssey, MBBS FRANZCP, Private Practice and University of Queensland

Emily Sandoz, Ph.D., University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Matthew Smout, Ph.D., Centre for Treatment of Anxiety and Depression, University of Adelaide, University of South Australia

M. Joann Wright, Ph.D., Linden Oaks at Edward