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Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT)

Presented by: Dr Kirk Strosahl & Dr Patti Robinson

Date Recorded

Presented March 2022

Kirk and Patti recently recorded videos on FACT (listed below) that are freely available and may be of interest to list members. They provide an excellent and succinct introduction to FACT and how it can be helpful:

1. What is Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT)?


2. Why Focused ACT?


3. What can FACT training add to the way I already conceptualize and practice ACT?

4. What kind of outcomes do people experience from one or two FACT sessions?

5. Will FACT also help me with the people I work with on a medium- to long-term basis?

6. Would you be open to sharing a standout experience from your work where you saw the benefits of FACT?

7. Is FACT helpful to healthcare providers that are trained in behavioral health (e.g., physicians and nurses)?

2 - 5 minutes