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Catalyzing Conscious Cultural Evolution within ACBS and Beyond

Presented by: David Sloan Wilson

Date Recorded

Presented February 2022 as a part of the CBS Superlab - an international research lab meeting held once a month via Zoom.

The integration of Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS) with Evolutionary Science (ES) has been in progress within ACBS for over 10 years. Impressive gains have been made but more organization is needed for the integration to proceed faster and become more impactful, both within ACBS and worldwide. This Superlab will focus on two recent developments: 1) A revitalized EvoSci SIG positioned to work with other SIGS and ACBS leadership; and 2) Prosocial World, a new spinoff from the Evolution Institute, which has received a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to develop its “field site” approach to working in real-world settings around the world. I will review the combined basic scientific research and real-world positive change agenda that we envision in my presentation.

Presenting Author & Bio:
David Sloan Wilson - My work, my previous nonprofit The Evolution Institute, and my new nonprofit Prosocial World (co-founded with ACBS Fellow Paul Atkins) are well known to ACBS. My presentation will reflect the input of numerous ACBS members involved in the EvoSci SIG and PW, some of whom will be in attendance for the Q&A.

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1 hour 1 minute