University of Hawai'i Manoa - Akihiko Masuda (ACT/RFT; PhD; USA)

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I am a contextual behavioral scientist. I have a solid background in clinical behavior analysis and acceptance- and mindfulness-based psychotherapies. I am very much interested in experimental analysis of psychopathology and a behavioral model that accounts for a wide range of clinical and social issues. I am also interested in the mechanisms of change in behavioral interventions. I have been investigating the role of behavioral processes, such as acceptance and cognitive defusion, on psychopathology and clinical outcomes of behavioral interventions. Given my multicultural background, diversity issues are also of my great interest. I have been working on research projects, investigating mental health related stigma in diversity contexts and the role of psychological flexibility in the relation between mental health stigma and psychological distress. Clinically, I have exceptional training in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral interventions, especially Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). My clinical experiences are broad with diverse clinical populations in a wide range of clinical settings, including university counseling center, outpatient clinic, residential home, and community mental health hospitals. Recently, I have been actively involved in therapist training, supervision, and treatment consultation. Visit Akihiko Masuda's faculty page for updated information on my research.



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