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Translations of the FACE COVID Pamphlet

The FACE COVID pamphlet is about using ACT to deal with the crisis. Please feel free to share it with anyone and everyone who might benefit.

Thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to send us their translations.

o Arabic Version (thanks Dr Gaceb Boualem and Dr Hassan Boudassamout)

o Danish Version (thanks Johannes A Drescher Joergensen)

o Dutch Version (thank you John Morawski)

o French Version (thanks Lise Loury)

o German Version (thanks Threo Schelp)

o Greek Version (thanks Maria Karekla)

o Hebrew Version (thanks Lilac Friedman)

o Italian Version (thank you Salvatore Torregrossa)

o Japanese translation of the Text only version (thanks Manabu Yoshimoto)

o Japanese translation of the Illustrated eBook version (thanks Horiba Erika)

o Lithuanian Version (thanks Vilma Jazgeviciute)

o Malay Version (thanks Eugene Koh)

o Norwegian Version (thanks Kristin Evjen)

o Polish Version (thanks Agnieszka Wroczyńska)

o Portuguese Version one (thanks Graça Areias)

o Portuguese Version two (thanks Bruno Carraça and C. Magalhães)

o Portuguese Version (Brazilian - thanks Priscila Rolim de Moura)

o Romanian Version and Romanian Video (thanks Ioana Pascaru)

o Russian Version (thanks Ilya Rozov)

o Serbian Version (thanks Darko Tomic and Natasha Lazareski)

o Simplified Mandarin (thanks Eugene Koh)

o Spanish Version of the Infographic (thank you Hugo Ceballos)

o Spanish Version one (thank you Carlos Irurzun)

o Spanish Version two (thanks Enrique Parada)

o Swedish Version (thanks Nicklas Lasko)

o Traditional Chinese (thanks Anthony Tong and the ACBS Hong Kong Chapter)

o Turkish Translations (thanks Seher Cömertoğlu & Fatih Yavuz) - (Illustrated eBook version, Infographic version, and YouTube animation of FACE COVID)

o Vietnamese Version (thanks Gia Hoang) 

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