The 6th annual Australia-New Zealand Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Conference

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Our sixth annual conferene was held at Australian Catholic University from November 30 to December 2, 2012. In contrast to earlier conferences, this comprised a set of two day workshops followed by a single day of seminars and workshops together with a stimulating poster session.

Following is the program of the conference along with links to the presentation materials and handouts provided by the presenters/speakers. Where these are not provided, reasons are noted in the description of the presentation.

November 30 & December 1: Workshops

1. Dr Louise Hayes & Darin Cairns:
The adolescent self: A functional account of their developing self. Handouts

2. Dr Benji Schoendorff:
Clinical Functional Contextualism - Integrating ACT and FAP with the Matrix. Powerpoint and Handouts. Bridging form, Day 1. Bridging form, Day 2.

3. Dr Kirk Strosahl & Dr Patricia Robinson
Brief Interventions for Radical Change: Principles and Practice of Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (FACT). 

December 2: Seminars

Rob Purssey: ACT on Drugs - Functional contextual pharmacology. Slides
Darin Cairns: Symbol Wars: The Fight for the Last Word...
Baljinder Sahdra, Sarah Marshall, & Joseph Ciarrochi: Letting Go, Becoming Free: The Role of ACT in Promoting Nonattachment. Slides
Rachel Collis: Using Contextual Behavioural Science in Executive Coaching. Handout
Claire Edwards & Dianne Tucker: Taming the Angry Beast. SlidesResources for working Mindfully and Creatively with children and families.
Mary Sawyer & James Duguid: Rule Governed Behaviour and ACT. Slides- Duguid, RGB
Henry Schmidt III: Chain Analysis in DBT. Slides
Russ Harris: The Reality Slap. Slides
NeLi Martin & Paul Atkins: Buddha As a Contextual Behaviourist. Slides
Jane Morton: Wise Choices: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for People with Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms.
Emma Hanieh: ACT with the Australian Aboriginal Population. To protect the privacy of individuals, no slides were provided, however Dr Hanieh is happy for people with questions to contact her directly:
Matthew Smout: ACT Research in Context. Slides

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