Should we have a listserv?

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ACBS hosts a variety of email listservs which are home to vibrant discussions regarding a range of ACT, RFT, and CBS-related topics. A list of the listservs can be found here.

Listservs are a great way to communicate with your chapter and SIG members.

Most SIGs have their own listservs where members share information relevant to the SIG's focus or topic.  Listservs are Non-hierarchical, so everybody is encouraged to post information on the ACBS listservs. If you have published an article or finished your dissertation and the topic is relevant to the SIG, then please post the information about your work so that the other SIG members can read it! 

Several chapters have listservs.  Chapter listservs are a great way to communiate your chapter events, board elections, or workshops that might be happening in your area.