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Publications Committee

The purpose of this committee is to assist in the success of the Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, and future association journals or magazines (as distinct from the on-line newsletter or website, which is a form of membership communication). The publication committee will provide independent oversight of the journal. The purpose of this committee is to make the editor and editorial staff accountable to the society. It is designed to prevent JCBS from moving in an ACBS inconsistent direction (e.g., a rogue editor that goes against the spirit of ACBS). Among other issues, the committee deals with issues of promotion, impact, quality, coverage, efficiency, organization, readership, cost, publisher relations, membership relations, and the selection of editors. The committee will review the content of the publications (e.g., are the publications consistent with the ACBS vision). It should also review the journal finances. Finally, it should review the editors report, which will describe the journal’s performance (e.g., speed of manuscript flow, numbers of publication, citation rates), and future plans (e.g., anticipated special issues, content areas and directions).

In the past, the Publications Committee has been responsible for:

• Monitoring and improving the impact of JCBS
• Monitoring and improving editorial flow of JCBS
• Contract implementation and renewal negotiations with the publisher of JCBS

2024/2025 Publications Committee

Rhonda Merwin, Ph.D. - Committee Chair
Dermot Barnes-Holmes
Megan Kelly
Lance McCracken

(This page was updated on 05/23/2024)

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