The Self Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ): Preliminary analyses for a measure of self in people with chronic pain

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Yu, L., McCracken, L. M., & Norton, S. (2016). The Self Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ): Preliminary analyses for a measure of self in people with chronic pain. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 5(3), 127-133.

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ACT: Conceptual
ACT: Empirical
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Chronic pain; Psychological flexibility; Self; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Investigations of “self” in chronic pain have applied widely varied conceptualizations of the term. The purpose of the current study was to develop a measure based on the three-facet conceptualization of self rooted in the Psychological Flexibility model. Participants in this study included 528 adults referred to a pain management center who completed twenty-nine items intended as the basis for a measure called the Self Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ). Factor analyses were conducted to reduce the item pool and explore underlying dimensions. Following item and scale analyses fifteen items were selected forming a preliminary two-dimensional scale (Self as distinction, Self as observer), overall α=.90. Adequate construct validity for the total score was supported through correlations with pain acceptance, r=.34, decentering, r=.66, and committed action, r=.36, all p<.001. Adequate predictive validity was supported through correlations with measures of patient functioning, after controlling for pain and process from the PF model, including: depression, β=−.15, p<.01, work and social adjustment, β=−.10, p<.05, and pain interference, β=−.11, p<.05. A preliminary measure of contextual elements of self with adequate reliability and validity emerged here. However, assessing self presents challenges and is complex. Refinements in this measure may be needed in the future.


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