Rule-Governed Behavior: A Potential Theoretical Framework for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

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Zettle, R. D., & Hayes, S. C. (1982). Rule governed behavior: A potential theoretical framework for cognitive behavior therapy. In P. C. Kendall (Ed.), Advances in cognitive behavioral research and therapy (pp. 73-118). New York: Academic.

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ACT: Conceptual
Behavior Analysis: Conceptual
RFT: Conceptual
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History of ACT; History of RFT; ACT and rule-governed behavior; CBT
This chapter interprets CBT from the point of view of rule-governed behavior. It is the first place the the pliance / tracking / augmenting distinction is presented; and it embraces a definition of rule-governed behavior that in essence demands RFT or something like it to define what a verbal stimulus is.
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