RFT for clinical use: The example of metaphor

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Foody, M., Barnes-Holmes, Y., Barnes-Holmes, D., Torneke, N., Luciano, C., Stewart, I., & McEnteggart, C. (2014). RFT for clinical use: The example of metaphor. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 3, 305-313.

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ACT: Conceptual
RFT: Conceptual
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Relational frame theory, Acceptance and commitment therapy, Derived relations, Relational networks, Metaphor

The current article argues that the conceptual analysis of metaphor as offered by relational frame theory (RFT) illustrates one way in which the theory may be integrated with, and have a constructive influence on, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). The article walks though a basic account of metaphor as the relating of relations and summarises the empirical evidence in support of this conceptualization. This understanding is then applied to a number of metaphors that are common to ACT in an attempt to illustrate how the RFT account of metaphor may be useful in aiding ACT practitioners to construct and deconstruct clinical metaphors.

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