PsyScope: (Mac only) Easy-to-Use Software for Running Computer-Controlled Experiments

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PsyScope: Easy-to-Use Software for Running Computer-Controlled Experiments in Psychology

PsyScope is for the Macintosh Platform only but several FREE Apple Macintosh emulators are available for download on line. PsyScope (Cohen, MacWhinney, Flatt, & Provost, 1993) is a user-friendly freeware Macintosh application which undergoes on-going development by psychologists for psychologists. It is the easiest to use and most versatile experiment generation software available, and it’s free.

PsyScope allows researchers to design complex psychology experiments without the need for programming skills. As the user constructs spider diagrams in a graphic interface using a limited number of graphic tools, PsyScope writes a scripting file which can be accessed directly by users familiar with scripting.

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