Online Learning Opportunities

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This is a brief list of online learning opportunities which we know about. If you know of others, and would like to add to the list, please log in as a member, and click "Add a child page" below. 

The Matrix Webinars with Kevin Polk and Jerold Hambright

Drs. Polk and Hambright at the Togus, Maine VA have developed a model of psychological flexibility made simple (called The Matrix) and frequently host webinars to share their strategy with professionals. Visit for details on the next webinar for professionals.

6 ACT Conversations. E-learning program by Julian McNally hosted by RMIT University.

This is an e-learning program by Julian McNally hosted by RMIT University, developed for use with the general public and is a great to learn some ACT basics as a professional or to use as an adjunct to therapy. The program comprises six sessions of between 15 and 50 minutes duration. Each session includes a conversational mini-lecture and several practical exercises.

Dr. Russ Harris also gives many useful ACT Trainings online.  You can find more about them here.