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Online Learning Opportunities

This is a brief list of online learning opportunities which we know about. If you know of others, and would like to add to the list, please log in as a member, and click "Add a child page" below. 

The ACBS events calendar contains online trainings and events submitted by ACBS Chapters, SIGs, and members.


  • Praxis Continuing Education has a entire menu of ACT and RFT trainings online from experts like Steven C. Hayes, Kirk Strosahl, Robyn Walser, Louise Hayes, Patti Robingson, Kelly Wilson, Josepph Ciarrochi, Matthew Boone, and many more

ACT Immersion with Dr. Steven C. Hayes. The first online course, by the originator of ACT

ACT in Practice with Dr. Steven C. Hayes (this is the second course in a sequence that starts with ACT Immersion) 

ACT Foundations for Behavior Analysts with Drs. Steven C. Hayes, Mark R. Dixon, and Ruth Anne Rehfeldt


  • Dr. Russ Harris also gives many useful ACT Trainings online. You can find more about them here.


This is an e-learning program by Julian McNally hosted by RMIT University, developed for use with the general public and is a great to learn some ACT basics as a professional or to use as an adjunct to therapy. The program comprises six sessions of between 15 and 50 minutes duration. Each session includes a conversational mini-lecture and several practical exercises. (Free, as of Feb. 2023.)


  • The Matrix Webinars with Kevin Polk and Jerold Hambright
    Drs. Polk and Hambright at the Togus, Maine VA have developed a model of psychological flexibility made simple (called The Matrix) and frequently host webinars to share their strategy with professionals. Visit for details on the next webinar for professionals.

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