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Oncovox: A randomised controlled trial of a web-based acceptance and commitment therapy for breast cancer patients

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS)
Volume 32, April 2024


Silvia Nicolescu, Eugen-Colin Secara, Nicoleta Monica Jiboc, Adriana Baban



iACT interventions can be cost-effective and convenient for providing evidence-based care to breast cancer patients (BCPs).


Determining the feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy of Oncovox, a guided iACT intervention designed to improve psychosocial outcomes in BCP undergoing treatment.


A parallel, two-arm, open-label, randomized controlled trial (RCT) evaluating an 8-module intervention. Participants were randomized to the iACT group (N = 75) or a waitlist group (N = 75). Primary outcomes: Quality of Life (QoL), Behavioral Activation (BA), Symptom Interference (SI) and Reward Noticing (RN). Secondary outcomes: anxiety and depression symptoms and psychological flexibility (PF). Measurements were made pre- and post-intervention, twice during the intervention, and at 1- and 2-month follow-up.


SI, anxiety and depression, and PF improved significantly, with further improvement at follow-up. QoL, BA and RN improved moderately, but only when imputed data were analyzed.


Oncovox has good dissemination potential and could be appropriately implemented in stepped care.

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