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Greece & Cyprus

Greece & Cyprus ACBS Chapter.                               

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Greece and Cyprus ACBS local representative


We are proud to announce the formation of the Greece & Cyprus ACBS Chapter.

Greek thinkers began speculating about the nature of the universe. They believed that through observation and clear thinking, they might be able to find natural rather than supernatural explanations for the workings of the world and the human being.

Greek philosophers had begun to ask the ultimate questions of our existence. First, Epicurus (341–270 B.C.), noted the therapeutic nature of values declaring that “Living honestly brings the greatest peace of mind, and a correct understanding of nature can help free a person from needless fears and anxieties.” Epicurean philosophers believed that we should abandon our restraints and live for the moment and its origin of the word ‘Epicurean’ came to describe the core value of contemporary contextualism, someone who lived for pleasures and follow its inner values.

Expanding our ancestors' ideas (and those of new thinkers ), the Greece & Cyprus ACBS Chapter was created to cover and further develop the gap of CBS-related knowledge in the Mediterranean European region


Chapter Board - 2023-2025

President- Vasilis S. Vasiliou
President-Elect- Stavroula Sanida
Secretary- Evi Neofotistou
Treasurer- Alexandra Chrysagi
Student representative- 
Member at large 1- Maria Karekla 
Member at large 2- Marianna Zacharia
Member at large 3- Danai Papageorgiou


Our mission and commitment to the ACBS community is to enhance the development of Functional Contextual Behavior therapies within the South-eastern part of Europe. Both Greece and the Republic of Cyprus sharing the same nation, customs, tradition, language and ethics, can contribute to both the local Mental Health Professions and the larger ACBS community in the following ways:

  • Adapt, modify, create, and use contextual-based scales, measures, and other related tools in conducting research, experiments, community studies, and clinical protocols
  • Disseminate the therapeutic methods, clinical processes, techniques, and exercises of ACT-based protocols for a wide range of clinical and non-clinical populations
  • Organize workshops, conferences, newsletter, websites, and other related networking activities with the aim of spreading the word about ACT both in the region
  • Establish collaborations with other European and international countries in research-based studies, workshops, clinical trials, and special interest groups

Chapter Activities

  • Identify and promote the development and dissemination of interventions that are firmly rooted in functional contextual science
  • Support our members in their efforts to gain ongoing training and further develop their competencies
  • Organize and sponsor workshops, conferences, newsletters, websites, listservs, and other such activities for the accomplishment of the purposes of the organization
  • Promote local and interritorial cooperative workshops in Greece and in the island of Cyprus for local Mental Health professionals
  • Advertise any local conference, workshops, and initiatives in both Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, and in the Pan-Europe area

Description of Membership

We are creating a local network of a multidisciplinary community of scholars, researchers, educators, and clinical practitioners in both Greece and the Republic of Cyprus who will work in a collegial, open, and mutually supportive way to develop and further promote the contextual behavior science and its applications.

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