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German-Speaking Association for Contextual Behavioural Science
(Deutschsprachige Gesellschaft für Kontextuelle Verhaltenswissenschaften)

Affiliated 2012

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Contact Information

Ralf Steinkopff
Berlin, Germany


Board (2019)

Ralf Steinkopff, President
Dr. Marie Christine Dekoj, President-elect
Michael Waadt, Past President
Angelika Ilmberger, Secretary
Tanja Cordshagen-Fischer, Treasurer
Marika Rimkus, Member-at-large
Stephanie Schwarz, Student Rep


The purpose of the organization is to foster the science and practical clinical application of the contextual approach to cognitive and behavioral science within the German language community. The goal of the organization is to alleviate human suffering and advance human wellbeing.

Chapter Activities

The chapter will:

  • Serve as a scientific and professional platform for German-speaking scientists, students, or practitioners, who are committed to the principles and processes of contextual behavioral science. This organization shall also be available to the interested public.
  • Spur research and scholarship into the direction of developing of a coherent and progressive science of human behavior, that measures up to the challenges of the human condition.
  • Promote the scientific development of useful basic principles and useful theories based upon these fundamental principles. Also promoted will be effective applied technologies based on these theories, as well as successful methods of learning and disseminating these technologies. The best available scientific evidence shall provide guidance.
  • Promote the development of an understanding of science that values a dynamic, ongoing interaction between basic and applied sciences as well as between practical application and research.
  • Promote the development of a German-speaking community of scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners who will work in a collegial, open, self-critical, and mutually supportive way, thereby effectively producing valued outcomes and further exploring the their theoretical and practical implications. Low cost methods of this work will be emphasized, so as to keep the focus on benefit to all.
  • Advise political, legislative, and policy-making bodies with respect to matters pertaining to contextual behavioral science.
  • Organize and sponsor forums, conferences, newsletters, website, Facebook group and similar activities for the accomplishment of the purposes of the organization.
  • DGKV-Kongress in München, 10. – 13. Oktober 2019

Description of Membership

Any individual person or entity interested in the advancement of functional contextual science and its application, who is also a member of the Association of Contextual and Behavioral Sciences (ACBS), may become a member of this organization.