Fables for Parents

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I've been inspired to write several 'fables' for parents - stories written to inspire vital living and loving, responsive parenting.  Two of my fables in particular are grounded in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and they are attached.  All of my Fables for Parents can be freely distributed by any manner you like whatsoever.  Just make sure that you say somewhere that I'm the author (Koa Whittingham) and give a link to my website www.koawhittingham.com.  

Brianna's Life Mission illustrates experiential acceptance and committed action in the context of parenting

Ashley's True Self explores self-as-context in a manner relvant to parents

If you'd like to read more Fables for Parents then check out my website: http://www.koawhittingham.com/fables-for-parents/

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