Acceptance and Commitment Song

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Hello all!

This audio recording, available as either a link or download by ACBS members, is my attempt at capturing both the essence and spectrum of the psychological flexibility model in song-form.  The recording is a bare bones acoustic/vocal version and the lyrics are below.  Hope you enjoy!  Lou Lasprugato

Acceptance and Commitment Song

There's suffering when you run away from pain
Expecting change but doing more of the same
And it's a long way down when your mind's pushing you around

Open up, open up
Step into this space
See what you need to face
To get through, to get through
What matters to you (2x)

It's hard when love's all but lost
And your best is not good enough
And you fill with fear when you're anywhere but here

As you move
As you sway
In the eye of the storm
In the depths of the pain
Will you take a stand?
Will you carry me?
Will you notice hurt?
Will you let it be?
Will you take a stand?
Will you carry me?
Will you notice love?
Will you let it be?
And breathe... 

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