Epilepsy Research

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Outcome Studies: Epilepsy

  • Lundgren, A. T., Dahl, J., Melin, L., & Kies, B. (2006). Evaluation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for drug refractory epilepsy: A randomized controlled trial in South Africa. Epilepsia, 47, 2173-2179.

    RCT with 27 drug resistant epileptics comparing 9 hours of ACT – individual and group -- to supportive therapy. Reduction of seizures to near zero level; maintenance for a year. Quality of life improves continuously through the follow up. Mediational analyses fit the ACT model and are described in more detail in Lundgren, T., Dahl, J., & Hayes, S. C. (2008). Evaluation of mediators of change in the treatment of epilepsy with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Journal of Behavior Medicine, 31(3), 225-235.

  • Lundgren, A. T. (2004). Development and evaluation of an integrative health model in the treatment of epilepsy: Two randomized controlled trials investigating the effects of a short term ACT intervention, yoga, and attention control therapy in India and South Africa. Unpublished thesis, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden.

    Two small RCTs (N = 18; and N = 28) comparing a three session ACT protocol (two individual; one group) to two other conditions. As compared to yoga, significantly reduced seizures in the ACT condition; as compared to attention control, significantly reduced seizures and experiential avoidance, and significantly increased quality of life in the ACT condition at a one year follow up.