Emotion Efficacy Scale (EES2) - Revised

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The Emotion Efficacy Scale (EES2) assesses the degree to which people can respond to a full range of emotions in a contextually adaptive, values-consistent manner. This scale has been validated for adults ages 18 and older.

Scoring/ Interpretation

10 items total
Items 3-8 are reverse scored
Score can range from 10-50
Items are summed; a higher score indicates higher emotion efficacy

Percentile Rankings

Based on a validation study (n=24) with a clinical population:

Total score >19: 25th percentile
Total score >25: 50th percentile
Total score >31: 75th percentile
Total score >37: 90th percentile

Use of this scale

No permission is needed to use this scale for clinical purposes. If you are using this scale in conjunction with research, please notify aprilia@drapriliawest.com.


Aprilia West, PsyD, MT

Learn More:
Shannon, M. (2018). Measuring emotion regulation, psychological flexibility and valued living through the Emotion Efficacy Scale: A validation study. (doctoral dissertation)

McKay, M., & West, A. (2016). Emotion efficacy therapy: A brief, exposure-based treatment for emotion regulation integrating ACT & DBT. Oakland, CA: Context Press. 


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