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Duke University Medical Center - Rhonda Merwin (ACT/ACT processes/Behavioral/FC; PhD/non-degree; USA)

ACTatDuke is a program of research, clinical services, and professional training led by Dr. Rhonda Merwin. Opportunities to participate in ACT-based research and clinical training are available to Duke students, psychiatry residents and clinical psychology interns at Duke medical center. Individuals from other universities (or post bach students) interested in clinical research experience in preparation for graduate school may also participate as paid research assistants or volunteers. ACT training includes: ACT didactic, ACT individual and group supervision, and the option for specialized training in ACT with eating disorders (includes an eating disorder seminar and case conference). Current ACTatDuke projects include more basic research on interoception among individuals with anorexia nervosa and psychophysiological antecedents to eating disorder symptomatology among individuals with type 1 diabetes (project funded by the National Institute of Diabetes, and Digestive and Kidney Diseases). Applied studies focus on ACT-based interventions for these populations.

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