Contextual Philosophy of Science SIG

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Contextual Philosophy of Science Special Interest Group

Affiliated 2016

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Contact Information

Chris Dowdeswell
University of Toronto


The Contextual Philosophy of Science Special Interest Group (CPOS SIG) seeks to alleviate human suffering and advance human well being by actively fostering discussion and learning opportunities for the CBS community on the topic of how the processes, practices, and products of philosophy interact with and set a context for human activities – particularly those activities involved in progressive knowledge development, scientific inquiry, and evidence-based psychosocial practices.


To promote education, dialogue, and publication regarding the role of philosophy in human inquiry and psychosocial practices, explore interpretations and implications of functional contextualism and related worldviews, build bridges with communities and scholars who share an interest in pragmatism and contextualism.

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed

Philosophy of Science, generally, and Functional Contextualism, specifically.

SIG Activities

Possible activities: Contextual POS listserv, FC/POS reading list development, POS seminar/panel at ACBS World Conference, development of shared guidelines/recommendations for POS writing in JCBS, annual reading group working towards joint publication in JCBS, annual newsletter outlining SIG year in review/preview.

Description of Membership

Membership in the CPOS SIG is open to all interested members of the ACBS community.