Connecting with Others

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There are two main ways to connect with others doing this work.

First, basic site use is free and open to anyone. Creating a site User Account permits basic access to the site and the ability to participate in the listservs.

Also, you may wish to join the For the Public email list. Here is a link to join. This email list is a general forum for public members reading ACT self-help books, working with an ACT therapist, or otherwise trying to apply ACT to their lives. Therapists, students and general members of the public all share their questions and personal experiences working with ACT principles on this list. It's free to join, and you can start posting questions right away as well as read older posts online. There are formal and informal groups formed through this email list who meet to discuss learning and applying ACT principles to their lives. These groups are not monitored or sponsored by ACBS, but they can be a great resource within which to learn and grow. You may wish to ask the Public listserv members for information about any groups in your area.