Computerized measures

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In this page I have uploaded a series of computerized measures that I have written in Visual Basic for Applications and used in a few studies. One of these measures, the Deictic Relational Task is a deictic framing measure that captures both deictic accuracy and fluency. We have been developing this measure over the last years with Michael Levin, Steven C. Hayes, Colin Stromberg and others.

There are many advantages to use Microsoft PowerPoint to write your computerized questionnaires and tasks. First of all, it is a highly disseminated software that I think most of you have. Secondly, it can potentially reduce acquiescence bias since you can change the background and format of each measure and you will be more likely to keep the participant's attention throughout.

The code of these slides (which you can find if you add the developer tab under options and click "visual basic") is freely available for modification and improvement as long as your intent is to benefit your clients, research and/or for enhancing the work of other scientist practitioners and researchers. Please, feel free to contact me if you find ways to improve the visual basic code or for questions about it. If you have questions about how to score the Deictic Relational Task or about how to compile all the measures together in a single PowerPoint document, let me know as well.

Note: make sure you enable macro before you try the measure (ex: Powerpoint Options/Trust Center/Trust Center Settings/Macro Settings/Enable all macros).

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