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Find an ACT Trainer - Prof. Ross White

Ross White

Queen's University Belfast
Professor of Clinical Psychology
Belfast, Co Antrim
United Kingdom
Highest Degree Held: Ph.D.
Specialties: Sport/Athletes, Refugees, Global Mental Health
Languages spoken: English
Licensures/Certifications: Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Member of the BPS, Member of the HPC
ACT/CBS Background and Training: I have been using ACT and other Mindfulness-based approaches for the last 14 years.

This includes delivering ACT approaches to supporting the wellbeing of athletes, coaches and support staff involved in elite level sport.

I am an ACBS peer-reviewed ACT Trainer, and I offer ACT supervision to practitioners.

My research focuses on evaluating the efficacy of ACT interventions and other forms of psychosocial support for refugees and asylum seekers.
ACT/CBS Experience: Fifteen years
Additional Information: I am an ACBS peer reviewed ACT Trainer

I am a Fellow of the ACBS

I am a member of the ACBS Developing Nations Committee

I was a co-author of the book: "Aacceptance and Commitment Approaches for Athletes’ Wellbeing and Performance: The Flexible Mind"

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