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Find an ACT Trainer - Brianna Kauer

Brianna Kauer

Create Behavior Solutions
BCBA / owner
Waunakee, Wisconsin
United States
Highest Degree Held: MS
Specialties: Parent Support, Training and Consultation
Languages spoken: English
Licensures/Certifications: BCBA
ACT/CBS Background and Training: I first encountered ACT in 2010 while studying Behavior Analysis and it has had a significant impact on my life both personally and professionally. I have always had a deep curiosity for understanding people, a desire to help others and an inclination to create. Before I became a Behavior Analyst, I trained and performed as a professional dancer. Experiential learning that integrates both the mind and the physical body resonated with me immediately. Practicing ACT was useful in dealing with pre-performance anxiety and learning how to get out of my mind and into my body.
ACT has also helped me find meaning in my life post-religion; getting clarity on my values has given me direction and purpose. What gives my life meaning in the most significant way is parenting my children. When parenting has not been easy, ACT has truly been a lifeline. I am extremely passionate about how ACT can support parents to learn new ways of being flexible and adapt to the needs of their unique child. Social justice is an important value of mine and I believe that supporting families will have the greatest impact on social change.
Connecting to my values and being willing to experience some discomfort allowed me to take the leap in starting my own business back in 2018. Now five years later, I have a team of behavior analysts trained in ACT who are providing support and training to hundreds of families via Telehealth using an ACT-based curriculum. We help families understand behavior in context, learn new skills and build values-consistent actions.
ACT/CBS Experience: I have experience using ACT with parents and caregivers. I also have experience training Behavior Analysts to understand and apply ACT with clients.

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