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Find an ACT Trainer - Paulo Bozza

Paulo Bozza

Private Practice
Clinical Psychologist
Jaú, Sao Paulo
Highest Degree Held: None
Specialties: Clinical Psychotherapy
Languages spoken: English, Português
ACT/CBS Background and Training: As a trainer:
Paulo has been an ACBS member since 2016 and has been teaching and training
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Clinical RFT from beginning to advanced levels all around the country and from now in other countries, adding more than 850 hours of workshops, totalizing 125 workshops so far.

As a supervisor:
Paulo work as an ACT clinical supervisor since 2016 summing up 140 hours of single supervision (using Portuguese as the language spoken), 109 hours of group supervision, 27 of them at USP-University of São Paulo (using Portuguese as the language spoken). and 55 hours of single supervision (using English as the language spoken).

Clinical work:
Paulo is specialist in clinical psychology and began his clinical work as a behavioral analyst in 2012, and since 2014 has been using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as his main practice added by Clinical RFT in 2016. As a clinical psychologist Paulo sums up more than eleven thousand hours of practice (11.000).

Active DNC member (a non-profit organization inside ACBS):
As a DNC (Developing Nations Committee) member beyond making strong friendships, Paulo has been collaborating in the creation of the LAMIC portal, an online portal designed inside the ACBS site to free offer high quality content in multiple languages to health professionals who can’t afford for courses ACBS courses. There you will find all kinds of contents in Contextual Behavioral Therapies/Science. With Shamell Brandon,
Paulo co-leads and has created the “ACT for ALL” project, which the main aim is to
provide free and low-cost online training and supervision for people who can’t afford it in
the current prices.
ACT/CBS Experience: Since 2016
Additional Information:
(Rolê Contextual) YouTube Channel