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Find an ACT/CBS Therapist or Practitioner - Ms. Judith Adams Webster

Judith Adams Webster

Judith Adams Counselling
Kelowna, British Columbia
Highest Degree Held: Other
Specialties: Health, Relationships, Carer Support
Types of Clients: Adults, Elderly
Languages spoken: English
Licensures/Certifications: Registered Professional Counsellor
ACT/CBS Background and Training: Podcasts, Webinars, and Continuing Education focusing on ACT therapy, ACT 1 with Steven Hayes ( September 2017 ) and ACT 2 ( September 2017 )
ACBS World Conference 16 (July 26-29, 2018)
Understanding ACT Assessment and Treatment with K. Wilson (July, 2018)
Introduction to ACT with Timothy Gordon (July 5, 2019)
ACT for Children & Adolescents with Timothy Gordon (July 6 and 7, 2019)
ACT Immersion Modules with Dr. Steven Hayes Spring/Summer 2020
ACBS Virtual World Conference (June 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2021)
Exploring Values in ACT with Dr. Kelly Wilson Winter 2021
Here, Now, and Between Us: Functional Analytic Psychotherapy and the power of the therapeutic relationship - S.Sullivan-Singh, Ph.D., M.P. Louden, Ph.D., M. Tsai, Ph.D., B. Kohlenberg, Ph.D. (June 4-5, 2022)
ACTivating Health: A Skills Building Workshop to Help People with Chronic Medical Conditions - Staci Martin Peron, Ph.D., Amanda Rhodes, Psy.D. (June 4-5, 2022)
Using ACT with Children and Adolescents - Tamar Black, Ph.D. (February 6, 2023)
PBT Experts' Roundtable: A conversation on the current state of Process Based Therapy led by: Steven C.Hayes, Maria Karekla, Andrew Gloster, Clarissa Ong, Claudia Drossel, Joseph Ciarrochi, Kristy Dalrymple ( February 9, 2023)
Going Beyond the Pain: Pain Neuroscience Education as a Strategy for Helping Patients with Chronic Pain taught by Eleshia J.P. Morrison, Ph.D., L.P.,ABPP (March 3, 2023)
Getting to Acceptance: Working with Difficult Emotions 'in the room' Using Principles from Exposure, Inhibitory Learning, and Mindfulness-Based Treatments taught by Daniel Johnson, Ph.D. (April 3, 2023)
Psychological Flexibility and Psychedelics: Using Contextual Behavioral Science to Guide Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy taught by Brian Pilecki (April 19, 2023)
ACT/CBS Experience: Online and in person counselling / ACT

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